One of the worlds 100 worst invasive species.
What does Wild Ginger look like?
5,000hectares inNorthland so far, help
us find more.
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Most Northlanders will have seen Wild Ginger growing on the roadside or in the bush but havent seen the vast hectares of solid Wild Ginger hiding amongst areas of native forest. So far we know of about 5,000 hectares of Wild Ginger infestation in Northland but think there could be much more and we need your help to map all the sites.

We want to raise awareness of just how bad this weed is in Northland and fund research for better, smarter technologies to control it, so drop a pin, sign the petition and check out where Wild Ginger is in your neighbourhood

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  • We need your help! Wild Ginger is a forest changer.
    100 seeds per flower head per year.
  • Wild Ginger grows 2m high, even under native bush
  • Infestations of this size are often uncontrollable
  • Wild Ginger is often seen on roadsides
    But it often spreads far beyond what is immediately visible
  • This is how Wild Ginger takes over a forest
    All of this light green vegetation is Wild Ginger
Wild ginger taking over our forests

What will happen in 50 years time?

See the affects Wild Ginger is going to
have on our forests in the next 50 years.

Wind ginger in 50 years timeline
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