• Holiday News

    Meri Kirihimete to all our supporters!

    We have recently had some excellent news from our Landcare Research partners, that CABI UK have successfully negotiated with the Indian authorities and exported specimens of the stem-mining fly to their facilities in the UK. They are now waiting on the larvae to emerge from stems of wild ginger that they collected to then proceed with breeding and host-testing trials. 

    We expect further updates in the New Year, keep an eye out for our newsletter with further information!


    -The Stop Wild Ginger Stakeholder Group

  • Our Plan For The Next Three Years....

    Thanks to Ministry of Primary Industries and our stakeholder partners, we now have the funds to finish our research in Northern India over the next three years and hope to have at least two successful introductions of a biocontrol agent by 2021. We are currently subcontracting Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research to oversee the research and quarantine testing.

    We will be holding bi-annual stakeholder meetings every six months (dates and locations TBC), which any member of the public is more than welcome to attend. These meetings will be attended by senior scientists from MWLR who will present on the latest findings and project progress to all of our stakeholders. Meeting times and dates will be posted to this website and if you would like to attend please email our Finance Manager, Ashlee Lawrence at ashleel@nrc.govt.nz to confirm numbers.  Newsletters such as this one will also be posted to the website every three months, and updates as required.

    The first updates from MWLR were received this week - they have signed off a contract with CABI UK to source, collect, host test, rear and ship potential biocontrol agents for wild ginger. CABI have been negotiating with Indian authorities for permission to collect and ship the potential biocontrol insects out of India and to the UK for quarantine. These negotiations have been successful and the three-year programme for exploration and surveys can begin mid-October, 2018. This is great news for the project as these negotiations have taken a number of years with many setbacks.

    As the project moves forward and biocontrols are imported, we will be attending a number of Field Days and agricultural shows to raise awareness of wild ginger and our research. We will be using these opportunities to discuss potential release sites with the public and to identify any areas besides Russel State and Waipoua Forests that urgently need assistance. These sites will have to meet a number of criteria as ‘nursery sites’ to foster growing populations of insects that will then be able to move to other infested areas.

    The next few years look to be very positive for the project, if you would like any further information or details, please email our Finance Manager on the above email and don’t forget to keep an eye on this page for updates!

     With Thanks,

     The Stop Wild Ginger Stakeholder Group


  • Fantastic News!

    Thanks to all your hard work dropping pins, we now have almost $900,000 to continue our biocontrol research.

    Thanks for  your support.

    The Stop Wild Ginger Stakeholder Group

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